Monday, October 4, 2010

Album of the Year

Earlier this year at UofM I heard Black Milk perform live for the first time, and at that moment I knew I was a fan. As a rapper and producer he's constantly proving himself to be a token to this new generation of rap and hip hop. Im glad musicians like Black Milk are around representing Detroit and most importantly good music.

SOOOO, it took me long enough to upload them to the blog but here they are, pictures from the Black Milk Album of the Year Release at the Shelter in Downtown Detroit. That show was beyond amazing, one of the best live performances I've ever seen. Lol he still didn't perform "Keep Going" but its cool, because he did a dope Dilla/Baatin/Proof dedication, and of course he had AB and Daru doing what they do best on the keys and drums. My favorite part of the night had to be when my mans Hex Murda came through, giving the crowd a nice warm "f*ck you"...gotta love that middle finger. To sum it up it was DOPE...looking forward to the next one.

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