Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clear Soul Radio!!!!

I'm a true fan of Clear Soul Forces, these are the guys that gave me a kick in the rear with my photography (Thanks Kortez!!!) and they got some major soundage going on. FINALLY, their mixtape is getting out and I haven't been this excited since the release of Kingdom Hearts II (the dork in me couldn't help that one). Everybody should definitely experience the magic of Clear Soul Radio, its a true testament to the talent thats hiding here in the city.

Album Artwork by Delvona Johnson

MIXTAPE IS TO RELEASE SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27, 2010. Make sure to hit up Sheef's Air up There this Saturday to snag a copy, and definitely make sure to hit up CSF....

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Air up There!!

Picture Originally Uploaded by www.RobinACollins.com

Saturday February 27, Bob's Classic Kicks is hosting Sheefy McFly's The Air up There!....performances are gonna be FIYAH!!!!!!

I know I'll be there will you?!?!

I musn't forget....

Before I head off to dreamland (cuz its waaaay past my bedtime) I've got one more thing to share- my pictures from U of M's Hip Hop Summit. It was waaay dope...

Lol, I know I'm super late on posting, but we must remember that I just created this blog...stayed tuned for next year- I'll be on schedule

For the 5th time....

Okay so I'm going to give this blog thing, one more attempt...and this time for my artistic benefit. Inspired by my boys in CSF and the gang at BCK (thanks Robin!) I've decided that I need to express my creative thoughts and what not. I should probably start by posting the pictures I took at one The Cypher Shows that go down every saturday at Bob's Classic Kicks (this was the 2/20/10 show)