Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27 Super Duper SEPTEMBER OVERLOAD!!!

Ok, so my procrastination has again let me get a build up of things to post...The Black Milk release, pictures of Jessica Care Moore, The Dope Ass Show, pictures of my college buddies and though it just happened yesterday the Air Up There Anniversary.

But let's look at it like this, at least I'm posting everything the month of, instead of three months later (right?) ...I'm hoping that everything will be posted before the Red Cup Anniversary Session which will be happening October 1st at the Shelter.

Here's a little taste of what is to come...

This photo is of the lovely Miss Khloe, who also did quite a lovely job of editing this particular picture.
I think I mentioned her before and how dope I think she is. Check out her tumblr!!

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